Ideal Vacation

I would love to go on a hunting trip somewhere exotic, however, I only want to kill things I will definitely eat so this would be difficult if I went to Africa or somewhere far away. Also, it’s kind of elitest to go on trophy hunts and since my rationale for not golfing or skiing is my aversion to elitism in any form, this would be hypocritical.

I just got back from a pretty sweet little vacation where I saw my brother, his family, shot some shotguns and spent way too much time on airplanes. It got me thinking about a few things, the first being that I should really take more trips. I have a real job now and my finances are better aligned so money is not the problem. Also, I thought that I have taken very few real vacations in my life, like where you go somewhere tropical and just relax for several days and have no responsibilities or agenda.

I remember one family trip to Fort Lauderdale as a youth where we had cockroaches in the hotel and watched TV Land all night. The only other time I can remember was going to Europe with my ex-girlfriend in college where we traveled around England, France and the Netherlands.  I’m not even sure I could handle a tropical vacation even with the stressors we have as adults in this modern era.

I’ve never been down under but I’d sure like to go. Men at Work has quite a few songs that are good on this album and you should check it out if you can. I have two copies on vinyl, which is probably excessive. 

It got me thinking that I should really take a vacation sometime. I could use the relaxation and the geography change, especially in winter here in Maine. One thing my brother and I often talk about it when it comes to vacations is how so many people take them because they think they “deserve it”. Where does this notion come from? Like, how does one draw the conclusion that because they work everyday, they have somehow earned two weeks of zero responsibilities?

Obviously it’s fine to take a vacation and you certainly have the right to spend your time/money anywhere you want, but no one “deserves” anything in a world where slavery still exists, child labor too, extreme poverty and all the other evils of the world stream on CNN news twenty four hours a day. You get what you get and hopefully you earned it.

I think it’s emblematic of our societal self-absorbed consciousness, wherein we perceive all of our lives to so be so difficult that we need a bi-yearly break from jobs. I disagree and the Elder J does too. I mean if you are a soldier, a cop, a doctor in an ER or any other incredibly stressful job, maybe you do deserve a break, But by and large, I think this whole idea that people “deserve” vacations is narcissistic bullshit.

Clearly, I needed to include some hip hop and it’s even better because this dude is from Maine. I mentioned Spose to my brother while in Texas, his funny rhymes and use of the pan flute. Also, it plays into the idea of people thinking they are so important that they deserve a vacation. Lastly, I am awesome.

Ultimately, everyone has a right to their own opinion and so if they think they “deserve” a vacation, so be it. The Elder and I can silently judge them and move on with our lives. Now the point of this post is for me to visualize my own ideal vacation, apart from heading to Texas to see my brother’s family, which was great. I think it’d be have to be a place of mild temperature and weather patterns. It’d have to have some nice scenery I could gaze at and at least one person I don’t see that often in the vicinity of my travel destination. Furthermore, I’d like to bring my bass and have people around with which to play music, preferably vastly different from the music I play in my band.

Les Claypool, of Primus fame and clearly one of my idols, has started this  countryish duo that tours the world’s smaller venues doing Primus songs, originals and oddball covers like this one. I read an interview where he says that his creativity is like a shark and it has to keep swimming or it will die which is why he’s always switching from Primus to other bands. As he said, no one wants a dead shark living in their brain. This is a great defense for why people need vacations!

Also, I would need activities all the time, at least during the day. This is what attracts me about fishing or hunting trips because you have a common goal with whatever group is involved that gives each day structure.  You get up early, have breakfast, go about whatever the goal may be and then you all go back to a central location at night where you eat dinner, relax and recount the day. This would be the perfect time to pull out some instruments and do some picking, maybe even have a cold beer or a cocktail. I’m not sure I could do a tropical vacation because there is too much time where you are supposed to lie around in the sun. I can’t handle that and I know again the Elder J agrees with me here.

Maybe I just need to go up north in Maine for  a week next year because except the instruments, this sounds like trips of my youth “upta camp”. I just need to get a group of people together. Anyway, Keller Williams is a one man band who uses loopers and various pedals to create unique walls of sound. He was a mainstay of my college years both in jamming out to him in the dorm room and going to see his shows of which I must have seen at least seven. I haven’t looked into his career in a while but I hope he’s still blowing people’s minds.

Besides tasty food and the chance of romantic distraction, I think I have described everything in my ideal vacation. So maybe it’s time Brother that we plan a trip like this somewhere before our lives truly are too busy for even the suggestion of such a trip. Not that I won’t keep trying to come south to visit you and your family, but it’d be cool to take a “real” vacation with some people I’d actually want to talk to for days at a time.

Maybe we could get Professor G and one of my friends who you can stand and start looking at locations so maybe by 2015 we can have at least geography nailed down. No, we may not deserve it, but perhaps that is all in the eye of the beholder. Hey, maybe you can even bring your new gun. I leave you with an obvious musical choice and the message that everyone should take a vacation when they think they need to, even if it’s fifteen minutes with flappy bird.

Yeah this song is bad but hey, it ties my post together. These girls are pretty crazy, check out their VH1 special sometime.

7 comments on “Ideal Vacation

  1. theelderj says:

    I can’t say I can really figure out what my ideal vacation would be because from my experience, the best parts of vacations are those you don’t plan for–getting lost in Rome and Venice; almost destroying a clutch outside London. These are the things that stick with me even though most might remember the Vatican Museum or Stonehenge more.

    And I think from vacations we learn about life, too, right? I mean we’re such stupid animals that we rarely know what we really need.

    This is why you need the Rolling Stones for the vacation piece. You don’t always get want you want…

    • theyoungerj says:

      But if you try sometimes, you get what you need? Sweet Stones quote dude. i finished Keith’s book friday, what a good read. He’s completely un-apologetic about being a drug abusing degenerate but also clearly outlines how he wrote some of the best songs of the 20th century. See, there’s something else really cool I got out of my trip.

  2. T.A. Gerolami says:

    I think you guys are too hard on people. Maybe they don’t “deserve” a vacation, but the American mindset of working full bore all year and then only taking two weeks off is daft. One, I’m pretty sure the science is there that shows that everyone performs better when they get to take some time off. Two, yes, the very idea of vacation is modern and middle class…but since we no longer live by an agricultural calendar that had down times-which were still used for work, but were also used for things like festivals and religious holidays and other non work times-built into it, I don’t think only people working hell jobs should get to enjoy them. The traditional vacation time is disappearing along with all others workers rights, but just because that’s the trend doesn’t mean it’s right. Everyone from the guy working at the supermarket to the guy who owns the supermarket should be getting a paid holiday. What’s next…are you going to say we shouldn’t have a weekend because we theoretically don’t work that hard? If you want to spend your weekend doing some work, that’s fine (and honestly, most of my vacation time taken goes to either working on my house and similar staycations or trips to visit family or to weddings and the occasional four day trip out to Chicago for B-Fest) but we should be getting the option. I think the European model (with the month long vacation in the summer) is what we should be on. What the hell are most of us doing that’s so important that we can’t take time off? We could so easily fund this by actually, I don’t know, making corporations pay taxes and cutting down on things like executive pay.

    So now that you know I’m a dinosaur…I used to scoff at the old “lay around some place warm by the water” kind of vacation, but my experiences with four day weekend kind of trips like that has changed my mind. I’m not sure I’m ready for the full on tropical bullshit, but give me a small rental place on an island and let me read, sit in the sun, occasionally go swimming or go on a hike, and then drink plenty of beer and wine and I’d be pretty damned happy. I still need to make it to Europe to see some actual Roman ruins and some of the things in Paris the Baroness misses, though. I would love to go on some kind of trip with you guys.

    • theyoungerj says:

      Yeah we are pretty harsh to the world but you also know how harsh we are on each other and ourselves so that gives a glimpse of our psyche. My real problem is with people who constantly use the excuse of “i work hard and i deserve it” to slack off in general. Granted, everyone has a different world view and clearly we aren’t saying ours the correct one, but I see a general disparity amongst Americans of what they think “they deserve”. Hell yes we should take a vacation together and do all the things I mentioned and more. I need to drop south one of these weekends and see your place anyway.

  3. T.A. Gerolami says:

    On, and, that Men at Work album rocks.

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