Breaking Bad, Bidding Farewell

As we all recover from the end of Breaking Bad, I find myself still trying to figure out how to process the show’s meaning and somehow to conceptualize the show’s greatness in comparison to others. When I sit down to think about it, I am a little surprised but not exactly embarrassed by how much I like television. When it comes down to it, what I really love is narrative and we certainly live in the waning period of the golden age of long-form television drama.

It is simple, I like when people tell me a story. Tell it with “Swamp”.

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Radio on TV: Warehouse 13

In honor of the fourth season of Warehouse 13  (starting July 23) on the SyFy network, I present the following…

On the Syfy channel original series Warehouse 13, episode 6  of Season 13 (“Don’t Hate the Player”) ends with the misfit genius girl, Claudia Donovan, coming out of her shell (at the advice of  the charming man-child Pete), when she arrives at a local coffee house (full of attentive audience members and well-decorated even though they are supposed to be in nowhere North Dakota) for open mic and takes out her own guitar.

This is to be a moment of revelation, when Claudia unveils herself to the world, when we find out if she’s more than ‘just’ a genius prodigy who can hack into any computer system, recover from years in a mental ward, and catch on as an agent for a government wing so secret its overseers come from outside the government.

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