New Music: Cub Sport – Paradise EP

A nice fun tune for a Wednesday night, some 80s and 90s feel to this one. A bit of New Pornographers combined with Ting Tings as if produced by someone from Joy Division.

(This description is a bit off, but I’ll stick with it anyway).


Maybe it’s that I have had Joy Division in my mind since reading Professor Mortis’ post about Donnie Darko this morning.  Let’s have some for the hell of it:


Bad Band Names (and good ones?)

The subject I am about to touch upon–and don’t be distracted by the brevity with which I treat it–is one that is close to my heart because I was in two bands for nearly four years each and both  had rather terrible names. How do I know that the names were bad? When people ask me what the names of my bands were, I am too embarrassed by them to even utter them. In fact, I often find myself saying a silent prayer of thanks for the fact that both of my bands disappeared before the full rise of the internet. It is very, very hard to connect my proper name with those terrible, awful names.

This band has some pretty good beats and a rather tough sound for some ladies. Where are they now? While a rose by any other name still sounds as sweet, words have intrinsic attractiveness based on their sound and that sound’s relationship to the language at large. If a thorned flower were called ‘turd’, would we have bands named the Stone Turds and Guns N’ Turds? The sound matters.

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