The Musical Treasure Trove

So, I have been thinking a bit about re-reruns (prompted, I must admit by a This American Life episode about re-runs). This thinking has dove-tailed with some of my thoughts about the repeatability of the cover song and the tension between one ‘performance’ and another. Part of this thinking is a tortured attempt to try to justify what I am about to do today: repeat one of our posts. What happens when you repeat a repetition?

Like my brother, I have found that the busyness of normal life (whatever that means) has gotten to be a bit overwhelming. The end of the semester has brought me a pile of grading, a CV-length of promised articles, and two children who are growing faster than I can imagine. This has kept me (guiltily) from having the time to write a quality post while also making me wonder whether or not this blog is doing what it should.

See, it has been suggested that the posts are too long and too discursive–and, as readership has ebbed and flowed, I have wondered what the worth is. This contemplation lasts a few minutes because, when it comes down to it, I enjoy writing this blog even if the act is entirely masturbatory.

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Lou Reed takes the Cosmic Walk on the Wild Side.

Probably my first introduction was a cover of this song by Perry Farrell’s band Porno for Pyros on the Cable Guy soundtrack. Weird movie, but a great cover.

In addendum to my brother’s post, we say goodbye and remember the great Lou Reed this week as he passes on to the next world.  I think I have spent a bit more time with Lou then my brother, specifically though the music of the Velvet Underground and his solo album Transformer. He will be remembered as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century and one of the best lyricists ever. Brian Eno said once that only thirty thousand copies of the first Velvet Underground were sold but everyone who bought a copy started a band. This means a whole lot more to me than Billboard charts and Grammy awards.

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