Saturday is probably the best day of the week.

Obviously this has to be first because of the fact that I listen to the psychedelic breakfast more frequently/rigidly than I go to church. It is the best way I’ve found to spend a Saturday morning and even better when you have someone who is even remotely interested in hearing it. “Sheep” was on this morning, however, I’ve been hearing this track a lot in my head lately. It’s one of the most simple Floyd tunes and this makes it one of my favorites. It’s nice to hear a band known for densely layered arrangements doing something completely different.  Lastly, the sound quality is way up on this video and so are the graphics so props to whoever made it.

We have had a few posts on days of the week, including both Sunday and Monday, so it occurred to me that we have not talked much on Saturday. I think Saturday is the best day of the week if you work the typical Monday through Friday day shift type of schedule. You can recover if you stayed up too late Friday and relish the idea of possibly staying up late again because you can sleep in Sunday. It’s a good day not to be stressed out about anything and not have an agenda if you are the type of person who can just wile away the hours not accomplishing anything at all.

I need structure to relax or at least have to get a bunch of stuff done before I can justify relaxation. Graceland is a favorite record for me to spin on a Saturday morning/afternoon because it’s wide variety of sound and its bouncy rhythms ensure a good time regardless of what you’re doing. It has to be at top volume to hear over my vacuum.

I think the moments of true relaxation that I experience each week are between two and ten pm on a Saturday. Before two, I’m still doing some routine cleaning, occupying myself with stuff I couldn’t get done during the school week, or drinking massive amounts of coffee to offset my possible lack of sleep the night before. After ten, I’m either asleep if I’m staying in or well into whatever I have planned for the evening. We are trying to keep it to two or three gigs a month now with the band, so it’s possible I could be out doing that as well. It’s that sweet Zen time of the week when all is well or at least as well as it will get.

I sing the first line of this song at least a few times a month on or near Saturday and more frequently towards the Fourth of July. One thing I’ve been doing to chill out more than usual as of late is reading books and I just finished one about Little Feat‘s lead singer Lowell George.  The Doobie Brothers recorded some Feat songs and were considered a big band back in the day and although I thought them cheesy for much of my life, I’m totally warming up to the pot loving mainstays of the 70’s pop rock. That black water song kicks ass.

I’m giving up alcohol for Lent so my Saturdays are going to change a bit in the next six weeks and honestly, I’m looking forward to it. I will probably always like having a beer, but I have had the distinct notion that I’m going to be thirty soon and the consumption of alcohol on my part needs to chill. Living in a rural area and perhaps due to the demographics and climate, there is generally a  high percentage of people who consider heavy drinking a part of life. I can slip in and out of these situations, but I know myself enough to say that I should not get into a pattern I see is catching so many people around me.  Right before the big 3-0 is a good time to stop and assess things. Ok, that’s the end of the therapy session

I heard this song on a 90’s show on MVV2 which actually still plays music videos sometimes.  This song always made think of the weekend and although the chemicals rushing in his bloodstream are probably alcohol, it would be darkly amusing if easy listening David Gray was some kind of monster  junkie on the side a la Mike Doughty.

Ultimately, my philosophy is that every day above ground is a good one regardless of what you are going through in life. I get a lot of strange looks when I say that and I think it’s because people think I’m some kind of weirdo. I mean, it is a little intense for a stop and chat conversation, but I see it as a very positive perspective. I do feel for those who work non-traditional schedules like bartenders and nurses who have to take these joys of a Saturday wherever they can get them. Even more do I empathize with those who work overnight shifts because regardless of what day they work, their sleep patterns are fucked up. However, I am sure they are happy they have a job in a bad economy and would agree with my semi-morbid philosophy.

This is a very intense version of this song. Rock and roll rumor indicates that it was probably due to the cocaine and alcohol, but it’s good anyway, if not a little excitedly sloppy. I love the line “On Saturday night, I like to raise a little hell”, totally defining the logic of the rednecks I live with out here in the sticks. I do see some merit in losing control once in a while to maintain a sense of what control is, however, many people out here take it too far and it can be sad to see.

I guess every day then is a good day, but I think Saturday is the best day of the week, or whatever time for you constitutes what I’ve described in this post. Having a job you like, fun things to do, and lots of people who you care about and who care about you do make every day worth living so in this I am lucky. Spring is finally rolling around after one of the most brutal winters of my memory and I’m feeling very positive for the future. So after this Saturday, I hope it’s easy like Sunday morning, another great time of the week.

I heard this song from a girl I work with and I fell in love. The Commodores version with old Lionel Ritchie is pretty awesome too, but something about this Faith No More cover really tickles my fancy. I’ve jammed to it two to three times during the week and an equal amount of time Sunday morning. What a sick tune.

Dance Music?

My band has gotten into what I would consider our first serious argument. We have been doing the covers thing to decent results and are pushing to finish our own  music while still accruing fun shows for the summer to expand our skills and social network. The only complaint we’ve had is that we need to play more dance music so people will want to get out there and shake their booties. I think we play some jamming tunes, but we decided to brainstorm as a band for some other covers we could throw in there to get people moving. This was the first suggestion by my esteemed lead singer and best friend:

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Religious songs for the non Religious

I would not consider myself a religious person. I am certainly not an atheist or agnostic or any kind of Satanist, I just sort of meandered through my Lutheran upbringing. I ambled through years of Sunday school and somehow also got confirmed, much to the happiness of my elderly mid-western Lutheran grandmother, although I always felt like I was just going through the motions. It’s not that I didn’t believe in what I was doing, I just never felt strongly about any of it and my main goal was to appease my grandmother and parents. This is not a good basis for strong faith.

Recently, I was walking my dog on a freezing cold Sunday morning when I heard the Avett Brother ‘s song “Me and God” on a gospel station I had flipped to because I was rocking my old FM radio since my iPod has no juice in it. I was having a rough morning, contemplating my love life, my hangover, and my general grip on existence in this long cold winter.  It was sunny despite the cold and the rays of light picked up the billions of tiny ice crystals on the grass of the field and I just thought “there has gotta be  a God”.

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