Yes. And why you should say the same to Prog rock.

I don’t believe this song has anything to do with that crappy science fiction movie which is a good thing. I think the outro riff, those three chords, is one of the coolest yet simple licks in rock and roll. Its been used countless amount of times in as many songs, but perhaps it is most useful here. Steve Howe’s guitar licks continually amaze me and I’ve been a hardcore Yes fan for years at this point.

I’ve talked of my love for progressive rock numerous times and have kept making the threat of writing a whole post on it. Here it is. I got into hard rock as a young man when Led Zeppelin was my first real love in the genre. The Mighty Zep was a blues rock cover band at its onset and always had that tinge to their music. Many bands did, from Cream to Ten Years After to The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Therein is the big difference between what I’d call standard English Rock of the late 60’s and early 70’s and Progressive rock. Prog rock comes from Europe and owes more to the classical music tradition of that continent than that of the blues from the Mississippi delta.

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Procrastination Playlist

I am a terrible procrastinator and this blog seems to be the most affected by my crippling ailment (and much to my brother’s chagrin). I can’t tell you how often I get a text that simply says “posting soon?” from the Elder J. I know he just wants our blog to succeed and I know we started this blog to stay better in touch while having an intellectual project to work on as team, but I often want to text back and say something witty like “how about I post my foot up your ass?”

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Album Review: Mates of State, Team Boo

That Crazy Circus Music

You can wait all night 
I’ll never stop complaining 
As I look into those eyes, I can’t behave 
‘Cause this song’s not right 
It’s the legend that you’re after 
I’m occluded ’round the clock a central shame  from “Whiner’s Bio”, Mates of State

Several years ago, soon after the discovery of what I have called the musical treasure trove (over 20 gigs of music, from classics I should have known to recent popular and independent music), I embarked upon a rigorous musical education program. Every day on my subway ride I would listen to three albums on shuffle; I would listen to each song for its own virtue. Then, if the songs struck me enough, I would listen to an album straight through.

On a day when I was trying to figure out if I liked Le Tigre (I don’t really, screw “my metrocard” and when I was trying to figure out why the magical gnome who introduce me to this treasure was so convinced I would love Interpol, I serendipitously mixed one part Le Tigre with one part Micah P. Hinson and one part Mates of State.

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