Harvest Playlist

It is that time of year, that stretch between Halloween and Thanksgiving before the holiday blitz fades into the winter blues. Here is one I really enjoyed writing that brings me back to where I was a year ago, Enjoy!

It’s the best time of year in the Northern Woods. It’s time to gather up all the late season produce, put the garden to sleep and make sure you know how you are going to heat your home for the winter.

I included my favorite song with the word “harvest” in it to open this post for obvious reasons which is dissimilar to the rest of my choices because they have nothing to do with harvesting anything except for maybe good tunes and mechanical skills.  Anyway, I firmly believe that the warm days/cool nights of fall in the Northeast is the best weather in the world and I think you earn it by dealing with the harshness of the previous winter followed by the erratic conditions of spring and summer.

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New Job Soundtrack

1. “Telephone Lines” -ELO

I listen to this song like three times a day. It’s about calling your ex and I’m not doing that but I love the vibe and the very high vocals. Further, it reminds me of the scene in BIlly Madison where Adam Sandler calls Steve Buscemi’s character to apologize for the former’s treatment of the latter in high school. As a result, we see Steve cross Billy Madison’s name of of his hit list and then apply lipstick, all to the tune of this song. I dunno, it just makes me laugh and my drummer George Harrison also plays thing song though the PA during band practice. Oh yeah, and Jeff Lynne is awesome.

I have started my new job and it is nothing like last year. Because we are spending some time developing a new alternative education program and curriculum, we don’t have assigned kids yet, much to the chagrin of many classroom teachers. Let me be forthright in saying I agree and empathize with them as much as I am excited for this opportunity. Most teachers are coming around and see that this is what our admins want us to do and that’s just how it is, but I’d imagine some will never see our viewpoint and will forever view us as slackers. I will have to live with that and try to kill them with kindness as the Elder J has advised me many times.

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I fixed my record player!

After months of doing nothing about it and occasionally asking the lead singer in my band for help, I fixed the receiver part of my turn table so I can again spin records. I missed it so much that I listened to records all morning while cleaning up the house and making breakfast instead of writing this very blog post that I started Sunday morning. My iPod is long broken, my cd collection is a mess and the PA in my jam room is not hooked up so the vinyl set up is my only way to let loose with the tunes besides a couple ancient radios. Vinyl is the best way to listen to music and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until the first few chords of the song below rang out in my living room at a high volume.

It wasn’t that I was lazy in attempting to fix my record player, I just have little confidence in my ability to fix anything. This is a silly notion since I am not a complete idiot and gain practical knowledge with my increasing years, Somehow, one of the two speaker wires in my left speaker had gotten wrapped up around a metal piece in the middle of where you hook the two wires. It must have been shorting out the whole system whenever I turned it on which is why it would play music for an instant then cut out. I rewound the wire, it fired right up and am proud. This song always pleases, although I’ve shared it before. It really enhanced my bacon cooking yesterday morning. I don’t know where I got it. It’s case is all messed up but it plays well so i assume it was a yard sale. I didn’t touch this record for years and now have it in heavy rotation.

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Spring Sunshine Playlist

I try and sing along with this because the high note is incredibly hard to hit, nearly impossible. Myself and the lead guitar player in my band try to harmonize on it as a means to practice doing vocal harmonies. Obviously, the results are not perfect but it sure is fun. I also love thecomplex production of this song because the little percussive noises really make it snap.

I can’t stop singing “Under the Boardwalk” and I don’t even like going to the beach. True Story: It always involves sand getting into everything and I am extremely pale so I can’t enjoy the sun the way most people do. After one hell of a long winter with various ups and downs and a way late season snowstorm a few weeks back, springtime is finally here. The Drifters really captured the feeling of sunshine and milling around on this track and I have had it on repeat in my head and on my PA in the band’s jam room. I am incredibly happy for the season to change and I can’t wait for summer.

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