Mamadou Diabate: Kora Master

After writing a bit about hip hop music and my brother’s recent post on some blues, it occurred to me that we have barely covered world music. Now granted, I do not listen to a bunch of world music, although this is something I’d like to change. There is just so much out there in the world and I am sure there is a lot of music I would love that I just haven’t heard yet.

I also would like to expose myself to a lot of different music for my own learning because you never know when you will hear something that inspires you or helps you to adds something new to your playing. My dalliances with world music are pretty slim. I had a friend who brought me a bunch of reggaeton from Venezuela that I really liked. The only problem was that he didn’t have any of the names of the artists. Here’s kind of what it sounded like.

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