New Track: M.I.A. – ‘Y.A.L.A.’

I have loved M.I.A. since I first read about her in The New Yorker (Yeah, this is hateful. Screw off. I am uncomfortable enough for all of us). I loved Arular and Kala but found the third album Maya a bit underwhelming.  This track has just enough house beats to make me annoyed and the takedown of YOLO with YALA is a bit juvenile, but I still love M.I.A’s style and the integration of world drums into the track makes it move in a way other house music doesn’t.

The fact is, I’ll keep trying anything she puts out hoping for some of the innovation and dynamism of those first few albums.  What do you think, my brother? Is there room in our lives for multiple South Asian ‘artists’?

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Her long awaited fourth album, ‘Matangi’, is ready to drop on November 5th and available to pre-order on iTunes today! As an instant-grat, anyone that pre-orders the album will get the track, ‘Y.A.L.A.’ instantly!

Leave it to M.I.A. to take  cultural phenomenon like ‘YOLO’ and turn it on it’s head. ‘You Always Live Again’ deals with the idea of being the anti-yolo as well as touching on several politic topics, again in true M.I.A. fashion. It’s less happy than some of the her tracks we’ve heard and has a similar swag to lead single, ‘Bring The Noize’. Props to the incredibly brilliant hook and the closing verse. ‘Y.A.L.A.’ has to be my favorite track thus far from this album – I can’t wait for more!

Pre-order ‘Matangi’ on iTunes here!

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