Being Bad and Breaking Bad: Songs for the end of the Series

Breaking Bad is ending next week. It won an Emmy for Best Drama last night. My brother and I have both loved the show for a while and will be sad to see it go. This week I am taking the easy way out by listing songs that have to do with being bad (in the title or chorus) along with the hard task of trying to figure out what makes the show tick: Walter White is part Odysseus, part Faust, and part our father.

Michael Jackson wasn’t “Bad” back then. But things didn’t turn out great for him. Like the King of Pop, we all like to play at being bad.

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End of Breaking Bad Song list

1. “Motorhead” Hawkwind

This has nothing to do with the show except it was Lemmy Kilmister’ s amphetamine bust on the Canada/U,S, border while on a Hawkwind tour that got him kicked out of the band and motivated to form Motorhead. I read once that it was writing this song that got him booted. I researched and it was certainly the bust and his general level of intoxication on various substances. Walter White is never messed up, just kind of evil. Meth is like the worst drug ever and if you ever feel inclined to try it, don’t! Just looking into it a little and reading part of a book on it scares the hell out of me.

After years and numerous different groups of people and locations of viewing for me, Breaking Bad is coming to a close with just a few more episodes in the final season. I’ve watched this show since the very beginning, at first just because The Sopranos had ended and I had yet to discover The Wire so I needed something to fill the void of quality crime drama television.

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