Paper Route Playlist

A Note from the Elder J: Today we bring you a guest post  (the first of a series) from our friend Professor Mortis who by day plies his trade with information and books and by night terrorizes the world by bringing the dead (movies) back to life (he has a great blog, if you don’t read it, you should). He has appeared in blog posts before as the Historian and he made an indelible (and at times uncleanable) impression on my life when we were roommates as young cubs. And, besides, Who doesn’t love cross-over episodes?

When the elder and younger js started this blog, the elderj offered me the chance to do a guest post or two.  I think we both assumed it would be a crossover post.  I write about movies, he writes about music, so wouldn’t a post about great film soundtracks, or great uses of popular music in film, or even, hell, a list of the best Bond theme songs be perfect?  I thought of reviving an old post that I started for my blog, “Music to Kick Ass to”, about songs that ran through my head during matches when I all too briefly took up Judo again a few years back.  I was walking one day, and a couple of songs came up on my phone that pulled me immediately back to my days as a paper boy.  A completely different idea occurred to me, which took root in my consciousness and demanded to be written.

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Airline Music

I hate flying. I really do. There’s something wholly unnatural and weird about being in a pressurized tube at 38, 000 feet that occasionally shakes everywhere when you hit turbulence. I know I have mentioned multiple times that the Elder J and I grew up in the sticks, but this doesn’t mean I haven’t traveled. I have flown all over the country and to Europe, semi-regularly since I was very young but I still hate flying. It never changes.

Once I turned 21, I would get drunk when I flew to numb the stress I felt but I quickly learned that this also is not the best plan. Well, its fun for a little bit, but hangovers seem to hasten at high altitudes or I spend way too much money on Jim Beam Black nips and snack plates as free food on a flight has gone the way of the dodo.

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