Lucky Tubb: Crown Prince of Hard Honky Tonk

Sometimes you have shows you go to that are a complete let down and you feel like you wasted your money and time. Last week, I went to the Lucky Tubb show with great excitement and anticipation and when he first walked out with just a two piece band consisting of a middle-aged stand-up bass player and a teenaged-looking guitar player, I started quickly to think this was gonna be a letdown, so pour another whiskey. This all changed as soon as Lucky opened his mouth and started singing and now I know why they call him the Prince of Hard Honky Tonk.

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Lucky Tubb: Preview

So, as we know from my procrastination post, I slack but this week is even worse. It’s for a good cause though because my band is playing a big show on Friday with everyone we know coming and us making actual money. Good money too. It’s been a crazy week of practice and I sat down to write tonight when a message popped up that none other than Lucky Tubb is in the nearest big town tonight for one night only. This guy is true blue country and I am working on a honky tonk defense playlist right now to explain to all our readers why I love this music so much. I have to go see him now so I am yet again going to slack on my writing. But you can be damn sure you will be getting a review in the am or soon after.  He’s the son of the famous Ernest Tubb by the way so here is one of his famous ones for this quick post. Sorry Brother, I will post something longer as soon as possible.


I don’t really know new Wilco. I don’t really know old Wilco actually as I only listened to their first album with any regularity. I know they’re kind of a hip band for collegians and slightly older folks as well as for alt-rock afficiandos of all ages. I like the alternative country stuff from their earlier albums, reminiscent of the earlier band Uncle Tupleo.

I guess I get ahead of myself as I haven’t really explained that I have been a devout honky-tonk fan from the very first time I heard Hank Sr. in the seventh grade.This has to do with Wilco only because of the fact that I really only like their country sounding stuff. Two songs seem to stick out and they were both on my iTunes. (Oddly enough, I have itunes but have never owned an iPod…..but that’s a story for another day.) I like Wilco mostly because of the song “Passenger Side”: and this is due to my memory of hearing it for the first time and what it’s about.

To illustrate my ignorance about the band, I will give a short recitation of what I do know. I know they came from the break-up of Uncle Tupleo, allegedly due to Tweedy’s growing role as singer and songwriter and his possible proposition of Jay Farrar’s girlfriend. (I saw Jay last year at Mountain Jam, accompanied by himself on a guitar and a pedal-steel player. He was really good, a perfect Sunday afternoon gig.)

Anyway, whatever the reason for the break-up, Jay went on his own and formed Son Volt and the rest of them became Wilco with added members along the way. I know Tweedy is supposed to be kind of an arrogant prick, although I can’t say since I’ve never met him.

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