Album Review: Mates of State, Team Boo

That Crazy Circus Music

You can wait all night 
I’ll never stop complaining 
As I look into those eyes, I can’t behave 
‘Cause this song’s not right 
It’s the legend that you’re after 
I’m occluded ’round the clock a central shame  from “Whiner’s Bio”, Mates of State

Several years ago, soon after the discovery of what I have called the musical treasure trove (over 20 gigs of music, from classics I should have known to recent popular and independent music), I embarked upon a rigorous musical education program. Every day on my subway ride I would listen to three albums on shuffle; I would listen to each song for its own virtue. Then, if the songs struck me enough, I would listen to an album straight through.

On a day when I was trying to figure out if I liked Le Tigre (I don’t really, screw “my metrocard” and when I was trying to figure out why the magical gnome who introduce me to this treasure was so convinced I would love Interpol, I serendipitously mixed one part Le Tigre with one part Micah P. Hinson and one part Mates of State.

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