The Table: Moving Out and (Not Quite) Moving On

“Circle of Life”, The Lion King. My daughter doesn’t really like to eat. In order to entice her, I show her videos on youtube. She loves this song. It takes me back to my freshman year of high school when my girlfriend at the time was obsessed with Disney. We went to see this movie on opening weekend and I secretly loathed her for it. But now, every time I see Simba raised up in front of his father, I come near to tears. That I start this post with this song and memory will make sense, I promise

As my brother may have mentioned in an earlier post, I haven’t been posting as much for a few reasons. One is that I have gotten steadily busier with work; the other is that, after living in an apartment for a year (only after giving up a house we lived in for four years to move downtown in our adopted home city), we realized that even the spacious 1500 square feet was too little room for two toddlers and two organizationally challenged adults.

So, we house-shopped, made some offers, lost some houses and finally closed a few weeks ago. After some horrors, we moved last Friday. I took the kids to daycare, cleaned out the old apartment and took them home to our new house.

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On The Radio: Waiting for the Lumineers

I’ve been thinking a lot about a conversation with my brother that I had about two separate musical things that are somehow related. The first had to do with the fact that he didn’t like prog rock because there was too much going on and the second with how you didn’t have to be a gifted musician to be an good artist. For the former, we talked about Yes and how they played too many notes so he couldn’t hear the melody. I’ve really been digging this song.

I know nothing about the band except that they are from Colorado. It’s very simple, very few notes, and concise in what it’s trying to do. I love the basic ” ho hey” refrain throughout the song. I imagine this song being sung around a campfire and everyone smiling. It’s the best time of year in the Northeast with the onset of Indian Summer. Hot days, warm nights and the greatest weather in the world in my opinion.  So, all of these things propel me to love this jam.  This song is one I listen to a shitty alternative station for two hours to hear. For two minutes and forty two seconds of music, one may wonder whether the juice is worth the squeeze. I would say it certainly is. This is a band I will be checking out and hoping they release more stuff.

On a final note on this, it is the Elder J’s birthday today. The thirties are taking over and 40 is rapidly approaching. I hope we can actually be with on another on one of these birthdays so we can have a few beers and argue about stuff. I miss not having you close by brother and I look forward to the day we are not so far away. Rather than play a unique version of “Happy Birthday”, which I took considerable time to research on, I will just include as a musical conclusion what I think is close to your favorite song. Happy Birthday Elder J!