Radio (on the TV!) Again: 2 Chainz is Different

A few weeks ago I wrote about my (re)discovery of Music Choice, the big media conglomerate that primarily brings music to digital television for whatever narrow profit the banner ads will bring. I have spent more time over the past week or so (as my children and I have been spending chaotic and messy quality time at home) contemplating the various channels that Music Choice gives to the world.

I don’t know exactly how the system works, but there must be some inter-corporate back-scratching going on because the tracks repeat regularly on each station and there are typically underrepresented artists (I have yet to hear They Might Be Giants, the Pixies or Fugazi on any channel). But, since I am too lazy to do any real research on the matter, I will just assume corporate shenanigans informed only partly by actual music knowledge and taste.

The last time I talked about Music Choice I was so breathless with the single “The John Wayne” by Little Green Cars (a passion that has tempered, but only marginally) that I mentioned the artist 2 Chainz only in passing. As to be expected from Music Choice, I have heard this song a couple of times now and I am obsessed (for no good reason) with the double-bind it presents.

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Radio (on the TV!)

So, this recent holiday season found the southern franchise of the Family J stranded in our adopted state by work obligations and the horrors of traveling with small children. We made the yearly migration to our ancestral homeland in the north during Thanksgiving week and it nearly killed us.

So, this time we hunkered down, refused to buy plane tickets, and holed up in our sunny city watching Christmas unfold with an almost emotionless detachment. Well, that’s an exaggeration. We missed our families and the idea of snow. But we did not miss the insanity of airports, the steroidal consumerism of the modern holiday, and the 24/7 repetition of Christmas classics.

Since both the wife and I work, our children spend a good deal of every day at their daycare (although, don’t call it that, it is ‘school’!). So, when they are home for a long time without their usual routine, they get a little crazy. We went on walks; we went on needless foraging expeditions; and we listened to a lot of music.

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