Fall Recent Acquisitions, Part 2

Last week, I posted about my recent music acquisitions. I felt compelled to split the post in two because I have gone on a few irresponsible binges. Part of this is my obsessive character. But a lot of this has to do with one of the reasons we started this blog–to learn more about music and to learn about new music. So, we’ve had The Only D gracing us with lists of new artists and I have tried to follow some of the more prolific new music promoters like Backseat Mafia and 2BitMonkey.

The combination of these efforts has forced to exceed my music allowance almost monthly. Only occasionally do I regret it.


Lately I have been listening to “Lisztomania” a lot because my toddler son loves it and my wife just discovered Wolfgang Amadaeus Mozart was a great rock album. Bankrupt is part of a trend I have noticed in indie-rock bands, some sort of a strange rush to dance and synth-music (See Tegan and Sara’s Closer or Arcade Fire’s latest below). I find this album annoying. I can’t say much more than that. Ok, I can. The songs aren’t catchy: they’re like the earworms in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn.


So, Junip made a big splash lately when its song was used in promos for the Breaking Bad finaleI have loved the music of Jose Gonzalez for a long time. Junip is pretty good music–the extra production in comparison to Gonzalez’s seminal solo work is a little muddy and distracting; in addition, the composition of the songs is a bit unfocused as well. And, yet, this is a fine band with a fine sound. If you’re screaming because Phoenix’s new album is aurally victimizing you, listen to this as an antidote.

Why?Mumps, etc.

Why? is one of my favorite bands. If I can get my crap together, I will review the wonderful album Elephant Eyelash soon. No band I know of combines different genres and topics so honestly and inventively. This band is one of the top 10 most unique and interesting bands performing today. But, for some dumbass reason, I hadn’t bought this album. So I did. And I don’t regret it.

Arcade FireReflektor

I had a conversation on twitter with my good friend and college roommate about this album. It was brief but essential.

I really liked Arcade Fire’s first album. Neon Bible was pretty good. The subsequent two albums are musically bloated and lyrically stale. I keep listening to the earlier ones.

Okkervil River, Silver Gymnasium

The conversation on twitter also covered this album. The fact is, that it is because of @jake_turbo that I bought this album.

Okkervil river is musically interesting and lyrically almost too honest. I can’t say that I love this album, but I think I might. I bought their album The Stand Ins years back and listened to it twice.

Just Lions, Paper Cage

I learned about Just Lions from Backseat Mafia and really liked the first song I heard. I find EPs really frustrating because I keep thinking there’s more. Four songs just isn’t enough! (Or, conversely, it turns out to be just enough to confuse you.) I don’t yer know if I will be buying the album when it comes out. But I probably will.

Beast Make BombSourpuss

2BitMonkey taught me about this band. Some female rockers. The EP is half good. That’s bad news. (The song “Party Monster” is really kind of lame)

Palma Violets, 180

Ok, some more twitter:

So, EPs can be dangerously deceptive. Albums can be too. This band made me think of Rancid and Fugazi with some more melodic and inventive rock thrown in there. I love the lead song from the album. And I think I listened to the full album three times in two days. Palma Violets win my attention for the week.