Fall Recent Acquisitions, Part 1

Over the past few  months I have purchased many new albums but I haven’t had the time or inspiration to write any new album reviews. And yet, my tremendous sense of self importance leads me to share my opinions with the world. Here, the first of two posts about my musical acquisitions.


The Dunwells, Blind Sighted Faith

I may have been hungover or especially weak, or experiencing some temporal rift or suffering some sort of mind/body crisis. I heard this song on the TV and thought it sounded really great. In honesty, I think that the cooking fan was on, the kids were screaming, and I had a cold. I downloaded the album, started it the next morning in the car, and lasted about two minutes before I shut it off. This is so plastic I can hear the creaking and smell the cellophane. Needless to say, I have not been listening to this album

Caribou, Up In Flames

I love this band, this guy, and these songs. I actually can listen to this album while running and so I do. This is great music to get lost to and there really isn’t that much else out there that is the same. Thank you, Caribou. Thank you.


Jaimeo Brown, Transcendence

I loved this album when I heard it on the radio. Here’s the problem: I don’t really listen to jazz albums when I am (1) at the gym or (2) running. So, to be honest, I haven’t listened to this nearly as much as it deserves. I may return, I may not. Whatever the case, I was really excited when I downloaded it.


They Might Be Giants, Nanobots

Oh, TMBG, I can’t stop loving you even though we’ve grown our separate ways. It has been a full decade since I really liked a TMBG album and, yet, I dutifully purchase each one with the irrational hope that this one will turn back the clock and reunite us. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t. The songs, when they don’t seem formulaic, are small and uninteresting. I think that the band needs a long break or some type of epiphany.


City and Colour, Bring Me Your Love

I heard this song at the gym while listening to Pandora and was a little overtired and depressed. I thought I really liked it. The song is just fine. The album? Glitzy, overproduced and shallow. The songs are more fit to a top-40 pop artist than a rock-band. There is some real shmaltz here. Beware.


Biffy Clyro, The Vertigo of Bliss

This band was suggested to me by iTunes. I don’t know why I keep falling for that, but I actually think this crew has some potential. The sound is a little too polished–another indie band that’s a bit overproduced–but it does seem creative enough that I will actually listen to this album a few times. There is some Superdrag and Eels-lite aura to the sound that makes me think I may end up liking it.


Typhoon, Hunger and Thirst

This song is so sad. This album is so sad it makes me want to die. But the artist has some shades of a less egotistical Bright Eyes and really has some creative ideas about music. Listen to the background instrumentals in this song. Then consider the almost perfect and effortless vocals. This guy made me immediately buy almost everything he has published.


Typhoon, White Lighter

If Hunger and Thirst is sad and creative, White Lighter  brilliant and manic. It is the better album in every way. But it still makes me want to die, Of course, I have listened to this record almost every day since I acquired it.

This song makes me think that the artist, should he be able to deal with his health issues, should produce for other artists as well. Just think about the choices made with this song. The basic music and lyrics are maudlin and better thanaverage, but the musical choices made at every juncture make it stronger and more memorable. I really, really like this album.


The Dodos, Visiter

I have no idea why I haven’t listened to this album more. The lyrical and musical combination strikes me as something somewhere between the best stuff of Of Monsters and Men and the least emo Ben Gibbard solo material with some Grizzly and Bon Iver thrown in for good measure.

3 comments on “Fall Recent Acquisitions, Part 1

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