Junip – Walking Lightly

VeneerAnd now it is a super-saturday, new song, double re-blog bonus day. The lead singer of Junip is Jose Gonzalez, one of the most exciting and original guitarists playing in popular music today. Gonazalez’s Veneer is one of my 10 ten favorite albums. His compositions with Junip can be a little more strung-out and lose some of the narrative and musical verve of his solo work, but Nuance Culture is right about the chill tone and even feel of the music.

Despite the chill tone, though, the music is powerful and deep. It is like Sigur Ros met up with Paul Simon somewhere in the stratosphere. Dig it? I love the poly-instrumentation of the production and the moments when Gonzalez drops in to the lower ranges of his voice. I am going to buy this album yesterday.

Nuance Culture

Junip a Swedish Rock Band just released their video for Walking Lightly This song has to be my favorite it’s so chill and relaxing and the visual aid is freaking phenomenal. Check the video out above. Stream their  self titled sophomore album released through Mute Records. below. 


New Walking Lightly EP releases 9/16

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