Rain Music

This band has been a mainstay in Maine since the mid 90‘s and I believe the Elder J once peed in a urinal next to the lead singer while at a battle of the bands in about 1995. I guess he was kind of a dick, so I didn’t like this band forever because I thought the singer was mean to my brother. Turns out they are pretty good. It’s shocking how many people, not just my 8th grade students, who can’t do long division by hand which is what I think every time I hear this song, beyond the whole groovy context. Clearly, we need to have math teachers work away from calculators and get those pencils back in hand!

This afternoon is my band’s first big show of the summer season and it’s supposed to be a giant bike run to support breast cancer research. Each bike will pay a fee at the first location, probably a bar, continuing to multiple stops and in the afternoon our band will play at the local Eagles Club while the riders get drunk and donate money to the esteemed charity. There is a big outdoor area all set up and there are radio ads I am told are being run continuously. However, mother nature has decided that it would be a good weekend for non stop rain, beginning a few days back and not letting up anytime soon. Does she have a problem with breasts or is it just spring showers with a maniacal twist or is it that El Nino shit pumped up by global warming?

I love Creedence so much. The Vietnam montage was interesting and fitting too as it is in fact Memorial Day weekend when we should all say thank to all of those who have served our country. I had my students fill out these post cards from Cabela’s that get sent to different armed forces that have the student’s name, hometown and a short note saying thanks. I randomly saw a person I graduated from high school with who just got out of the army after doing four tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq After suffering multiple injuries that will haunt him his whole life, he is no pursuing a degree in psychology to get into working with soldiers with PTSD because he also has struggled as I am sure anyone would in that situation. I was surprised at his enthusiasm when I shared about the post cards and happy I could personally thank someone who gave so much.

We should be thanking our troops all the time because they have to make the ultimate sacrifice for not much money and for leaders who don’t always make the best decisions for them. I have the utmost respect for the armed forces and I hope that of the few who do come out to brave the rain for the bike run includes some veterans so I can thank a few more in person.

We do seem to have a good amount of vets coming to out shows because a bunch end up getting bikes after the service and our region just seems to have a lot of people joining up. It’s unfortunate that the military seems to be downsizing now because I know a lot of students who could really benefit from the structure and regularity of military service. Lastly of my Memorial day spiel is a big thank you to my sister-in-law, wife of the Elder J, who assisted thousands of servicemen in dental maintenance during her tenure in the army.

One of the better non-hard rocking Zep tunes. I used to listen to the Song Remains the Same version on vinyl all of the time before my hippie neighbor told me it was the worst Led Zeppelin live recordings ever. I told him where to go but it seemed to lose it’s luster after that. I also got How The West was Won which is a much better representation of the band in their prime, albeit without a cut of this ill jam.

The radio ads keep saying that the event today will be rain or shine but I don’t see how a bunch of people will willingly ride their bikes through the pouring rain. I don’t know much about motorcycles or riding them which puts me to shame among  many of the locals, but I can obviously see how uncomfortable it would be to ride in the rain. I wouldn’t really want to ride one in optimum conditions because I am not a huge fan of high speeds which any of my family members can attest to during the longer than needed car rides with me driving. I got two speeding tickets during the last month of grad school and have driven like a 70 year old librarian in my 99 Subaru ever since. It may not win me friends or influence people but I have an extremely low insurance rate and a a fabulous peace of mind.

This may be the first time I made the connection between both of these CCR songs and them both being about the rain and vaguely about soldiers in Vietnam. Very cool. My dad loved this band and I always think of him in a positive way when I listen to CCR. Not the flashiest band ever with very little in the complicated guitar solo department, but solid with a very respectable catalog and songs that I do not get sick of even after close to what must be a thousand listens at this point.

Our diehard fans, those we grew up with or share beds with, will be out for the show today and I hope we still get paid the very nominal fee we requested because that money is earmarked for beer cozies and stickers for our band, maybe even a few hats because my lead singer wore one his lady friend made to the bar last night and many people asked if they could buy one. This shocks me but I’m stoked for the ten shows we have lined up for the summer and the various other coals in the fire. Between that, my new job, and many social opportunities, I’m feeling pretty optimistic. Who knows who will show up today because regardless, our band is moving along. I do hope people come out and donate money because I think everyone can agree to support breasts.

We need the rain for all of us that are planting our vegetables in the ground this weekend to harvest next year to feed ourselves and have some sense of a connection to our heritage and landscape. I’m not getting on the soap box here as growing your own vegetables is not feasible for everyone’s situation. If you can though, definitely do it because it feels good. The rain should end by Monday so I should be able to get my stuff in the ground and have the sun dry everything up and give my plants the energy to reach for the sky. Have a good and safe memorial day weekend and if you also have suffered through a week of rain, listen to this song as much as possible.

Like CCR, this band and this song never get old for me.

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