Spring Sunshine Playlist

I try and sing along with this because the high note is incredibly hard to hit, nearly impossible. Myself and the lead guitar player in my band try to harmonize on it as a means to practice doing vocal harmonies. Obviously, the results are not perfect but it sure is fun. I also love thecomplex production of this song because the little percussive noises really make it snap.

I can’t stop singing “Under the Boardwalk” and I don’t even like going to the beach. True Story: It always involves sand getting into everything and I am extremely pale so I can’t enjoy the sun the way most people do. After one hell of a long winter with various ups and downs and a way late season snowstorm a few weeks back, springtime is finally here. The Drifters really captured the feeling of sunshine and milling around on this track and I have had it on repeat in my head and on my PA in the band’s jam room. I am incredibly happy for the season to change and I can’t wait for summer.

“The taxman’s taken all my dough” rang true to me on this sunny afternoon when I decided to send in what I owed the Feds. My state refund was more than half of what I owed and seeing as I didn’t really pay in anything, it really wasn’t all that bad but I’m still going to bitch about it a little. The Kinks rock and I really need to get some more albums so I can write about them sometime.

It feels like we are finally having a long run of sunny days with no rain and even just two days ago when I was driving from my teaching job to my bartending job amidst a beautiful afternoon, I couldn’t even be bummed out that I was only halfway through a 16 hour work day. I haven’t worked at the latter job for many months because my band got hired for way more money then we deserve for New Year’s Eve based on our Redneck Ball show. The banquet supervisor at the hotel where I bartend hates me as a result of me not working that night even though I told her about three months ahead of time. I suspect she is a sociopath of some shade and probably was bullied as a youth because she is pretty vicious to some of the younger staff. So, I will probably not be back working there anytime soon and I was not unhappy to work my last double for a while or maybe ever.

I can feel the Neil Young versus Bob Dylan post creeping on on me here and I can’t wait. This one has been brewing inside of me for a long time. I haven’t heard much on this album and I need to get the whole thing.

I ended up going to a friend’s after work at 11 because I was still pretty jazzed from all the sugar-free Red Bull I’d drunk to get through my bar shift and I stayed at her house until probably 3 am. I probably slept for maybe three hours because my internal clock woke me up at Psychedelic Breakfast time much to my chagrin. Luckily, I heard the above Neil Young song and it really captured my attention. I love the sparseness of the music and how the voices are so loud and clear so you can hear the relaxed harmonies going on.  Not a lot for guitar solos here, but the little he does with what sounds like a dobro is so tasty. This is a beautiful song.

It got me thinking about the hotel job and how I really don’t want to deal with the bullshit anymore. Granted, I barely work there, but just going in there and being around a lot of the negative environmental stuff really made me not want to be there. The work crew is by and large very cool and I love working with the wide variety of people in it, but the banquet department is a revolving door because of the crazy person who runs it. If you don’t make people feel like they want to be at work, they are not going to perform well.

The lyric at the end of this song brought this whole thing together in my brain. It goes  “In the stand, the home crowd scatters/ for the turn stiles, for the turn stiles, for the turn stiles”. This is like that job for me and for everyone, leaving through the gates maybe to return but maybe not because its not a good working environment anyway. And goddamn Mr. Young can you write a song.

I could not have removed this brush without my friend’s truck. Thanks buddy!

I spent the most of that morning filling a borrowed dump truck with loads of brush and then attended my hippie neighbors daughter’s sixth birthday party which ended with fireworks, beers, and the singling out of a lone aggressive rooster from the hundreds strong flock that threatened to spur one of my neighbor’s distant relatives at the get-together and everyone of the hippie neighbor’s children in the past month. I am not sure what happened when I left for my house, but I assume the rooster did not make it to crow this morning.

I ended up playing some music with the lead singer from my band and then we headed down to our local dive bar. I hadn’t been down in a long time and it really felt like coming home. Being that my bandmates and I are now local celebrities, I didn’t have to buy any drinks and I danced with a lot of people’s girlfriends. I ended up talking with an old friend from elementary school who was about to get beat up by some Iron Horsemen for some stupid reason. I used the term “non confrontational conflict resolution” when talking with him before he went to try and get out of the imminent ass kicking.

Jamey Johnson is one of the few modern country stars who doesn’t suck. Although some of his lyrical content doesn’t vibe directly with my own philosophies, a lot of it does and all of the music is good. Most of these are good rules for the bar too.

I left right before close and the conflict seemed to have been resolved, but who knows. My friend could be at the bottom of the river right now and I wouldn’t be any wiser. I am happy that spring is here because it means winter is over and summer is not too far off. I have a new job, a band getting more gigs and many other potential situations in the works. Now if I can just get more blog posts up each week, I’d really be sitting pretty.

Rest in Peace Richie Havens!

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