Walking Dead Returns

After a long wait, AMC’ s The Walking Dead is coming back tonight with a two hour season premiere. I don’t watch a bunch of T.V. , basically a few shows and Patriots football, so this is a real treat for me. Furthermore, my brother and I have vast discrepiencies on what we like for shows, just as we do in music. This show was a hit for both of us right off and hopefully we can catch some episodes when we are together for Thanksgiving. Like music we both like, we enjoy it more together.

I just wanted to throw some Biggy in here…realistically, no one would have a machine gun in a zombie apocalypse because it would require too much ammo. My brother wrote a zombie killing playlist a while back and does a much more comprehensive job than I will do here on the subject as this is the first day off from work that I have had in about two weeks and I need to do many household type of things.  It sounds bad working so many days in a row. but is it really compared to spending every waking moment surviving the undead and unholy hordes?  No not really and at least I got paid for my labor. Isn’t life payment enough?

The best part about The Walking Dead is the ways they show how such extreme pressures will cause people to literally act psychotic. The cut scenes from the show display only more turmoil and one scene shows the lead character Rick saying “This is no longer a democracy”. This cat is one bad ass mother and I can see him being a man who never cries.  Does he cry in the first season when he first sees his kid and wife? I bet he does when his son gets shot in the second season but I can’t remember.

Lastly, I have a old friend I’ve been talking to a lot and she is currently out of state. I have raved to her about this show and how it is so far beyond so many zombie centered pieces of fiction that have been created thus far. She is not a big television viewer, in fact she refers to shows as “programs” like my 89 year old grandmother, but I think she can get into this and I will make best efforts when she returns to the state. I hope everyone who is into the show enjoys the new one and that my friend gives it a chance. Brother, I am sure you will be putting children to bed and writing heavy things, but take some time off to watch this show you love. If you haven’t even heard of the show, check it out tonight!

14 comments on “Walking Dead Returns

  1. kate58 says:

    My BF & I LOVE this show….best zombie show ever.

    • theyoungerj says:

      oh hands down the best zombie show ever. Only thing I like almost as much as anything by George Romero.

      • professormortis says:

        It’s funny you mention ole George because he did everything the comic book Walking Dead did first. I couldn’t get into it.

        Some idiots would be using machine guns. They might die fast, but they’d be using them. I imagine if you found something like a .50 machine gun and you didn’t have a rifle to use the ammo in, you’d use it. Assuming you knew how. I also suspect aiming for the head would be relatively moot if you were firing that, since you’d be blasting their bodies apart.

  2. theelderj says:

    But it isn’t the Zombies that make it good…still, it is a fine show.

    I know that the Historian (Professor Mortis) doesn’t watch it, but I am sure he would have some fascinating (and infuriating) things to say if he did…

    • professormortis says:

      I can’t watch, because I read the comic, and it made me shake with anger. You know what Romero’s bleak films were missing? More misogyny and soap opera twists. Fuck Kirkman and his repetitive stories that just rehash everything Romero did that I spent the 90s watching.

      • theelderj says:

        Nice and direct critique. I think the show has mitigated the misogyny to a certain extent, but the soap opera is unavoidable (perhaps worse in the show than the book). But that is a feature, I think, of the expectations of the long form television serial. I would also wonder whether Romero is really free of damaging stereotypes of women…

        The soap operatic aspect of the show is pretty annoying at times (I DVR it and sometimes do fast-forward). But, as far as post-apocalyptic narratives on TV go, it utterly destroys Falling Skies or Revolution.

  3. professormortis says:

    Romero is a product of his time, but for the 1960s and 1970s, he was pretty damn progressive. Kirkman is pretty terrible. Maybe the show has taken some of it out, but good god was the book full of comic nerd fantasies, like the old fart roundly rogering two hot young lasses. All I know is as I read it I was full of revulsion at what I was reading. Then I was bored by the repetitive story structure: “Escape zombies. Find new “safe” place. Safe place slowly revealed to be corrupt/dangerous and beset by infighting. Zombies break in. All out conflict. Escape Zombies. Find new “safe” place…” The characters, worn down by this repetition, became hateful parodies of themselves. Yes, stress does bad things to people. Yes, people do terrible things in war and in life when faced with impossible choices. Does my fiction need to dwell on that, repetitively, and endlessly, without any hope or even a character I can root for?

    It’s the same structure Romero used, but Romero was making an extremely low-budget film in his first film, and slightly less low budget films that were directly following that first low-budget film, and he layers in more than typical comic book bullshit in with his work.

    I can’t really judge the TV show; I should probably give it a chance. Maybe they fix these problems, I don’t know.

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