Channel Surfing: Sir Paul and “Let me Roll it”

I have never been a huge fan of solo Beatles stuff, with the exception of a lot of what George Harrison did in the early 70’s. I  am in love with the All things Must Pass album and the title track is slowly becoming one of my favorite songs…or least the top twenty. The version I included above is one I had only heard on the Scorsese’s movie about Harrison called Living in the Material World so I thought it would be good to include a different take on an awesome song.

Have I mentioned before that the drummer in my band is in fact named George Harrison? True story. I often joke with the crowd during the shows that they might know his first band, a little quartet from Liverpool called the Beatles.

I don’t dislike any work by a singular Beatle and am sure there are many good nuggets, at least by John and Paul. I hate “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon; however, Elliott Smith did do a cool cover that made me like it a little more. My problem with Lennon is more with him as a person which is probably stupid and a topic I may have to cover in the future. A good friend of mine named Fred whose musical opinion I take very seriously has told me many times that McCartney’ s Wings was a great band and I liked a few tracks, but never was one to say “hey let’s put on some Wings”.

I have talked once or twice, although when is eluding me, about the amazing live music channel called Palladia. It does play a few music videos but is mostly a live music channel that plays singular performances by bands, festival compilations, music documentaries and basically anything else that’s a video and could be played on TV. I would pay vast amounts for this station if it wasn’t part of cable up here in the sticks as I  only watch either this channel or something like National Geographic or History. I cruised through the channels the other night and this video popped up on Palladia on the the BBC program Later…with Jools Holland.

(Sorry for the crappy video, it was the only one I could find without ads or a long interview that concerned me people reading this would lose interest and not listen to the song. )

The music is fine but with the stilted frame rate it’s hard to see some important parts of the video like the relatively young age of his band and the awesome enthusiasm his drummer has for playing this song. Oh yeah, and Sir Paul rips off a cool little solo on that ill Les Paul he has that I am sure is extremely old and valuable and obviously sounds awesome.

This song is vaguely familiar to me. I always thought it was about pot due to Sir Paul’s multiple marijuana arrests but this apparently is not true and it really is just a love song. The lyric of the chorus “My heart is like a wheel, let me roll it to ya”  is simple but great. I love the imagery of the wheel is an extension of your love or soul or whatever. Wheels always mean continuous progression to me and in this case, he’s pleading with whoever is the recipient of his love wheel to let him “roll it to ya baby”

Beyond the lyrics, the music really grabs me. I do love the Beatles and this sounds a lot like mid 60’s Beatles. It isn’t fast but it makes you move and I find this fascinating. As my own band picks up different covers and works on our original material, I have a constant nagging compulsion to think “can people dance to this”? This song you can dance to and I don’t believe it’s even in a 4/4 beat. Check out Palladia, Jools Holland and solo McCarney stuff. I know I will. Now as an outro, my other favorite but very lame Paul solo song.

8 comments on “Channel Surfing: Sir Paul and “Let me Roll it”

  1. professormortis says:

    I love the Art of Dying off that Harrison album…great stuff.

  2. kate58 says:

    I was watching this great documentary last night on the making of the Magical Mystery Tour. George & John (sorry, I can’t help it!) were always my fave of the Four. 🙂

    • theyoungerj says:

      No need to be sorry, we all can have our opinions, that is what makes this all fun. I just have problems with John as a person, he was clearly a great musician.

    • theelderj says:

      I have to agree on the love for George Harrison. I know that my brother doesn’t like John very much–but I find him far preferable to Sir Paul. I can’t quite explain it, but I find the man intolerable. Oh, and the band Wings. Dreadful name.

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